The on-boarding process of each client is as unique as their offered services… Below, hear directly how Linx successfully helped each client expand their outreach—and solidify their unique identity within many diversified, and competitive, markets.

Americold Inc. Refrigeration

We could not be more pleased with the relationship we have built with Linx. We started working with Linx back in 2015 and since then they have continued to exceed all of our expectations. We started out focusing on our New York and Florida service locations where Linx has helped us dominate these areas, as well as help launch our business in Washington, D.C.  We use Linx for all our marketing and advertising needs and highly recommend them to anyone looking for an incredibly trustworthy agency to work with.”

Bob Levine President

Creme Allure Food & Beverage

After cycling through multiple SEO and marketing teams throughout Crème Allure's history, we are ecstatic to have finally found a perfect match with Linx. Their enthusiastic support team and overwhelmingly adept creative department are second to none. We strongly recommend Linx to any company seeking a competitive edge in online presence.

JoAnn Linden Owner

Children Medical Fund Healthcare

We are thrilled to have Linx continuously support our ongoing marking efforts. The team at Linx is quick to take care of anything we ask for and always goes above and beyond with what they deliver. We are completely over the moon about the unique program Linx has developed for us – “Hero’s with Heart” – that helped to create an emotional connection between the our kids and the donors. Our donors are able to participate and see there donation in action and it truly is a huge success. Over at CMF we can’t thank Linx enough. We are more than satisfied!”

Gina Segreti Executive Director

General Vision Services Healthcare

We have been working with Linx for over 5 years now and it has been a wonderful experience. Our first big project together was creating our website platform that required location finders, appointment scheduling, benefit plan integrations, and more. Linx did a great job of making the website user-friendly and integrating our existing systems and data into the new platform. Now, we continue to work with Linx on our marketing materials and programs, including product 360s, video production, customer loyalty programs and continued improvements to our website platform for optimal user experience!

Maureen Flaherty-Presutto Vice President Network Operations

National Business Capital Finance

Prior to Linx and Michael’s arrival as CMO, we had a one-person marketing department. Today, we have a productive team working to generate over 1,000 new leads monthly. Linx has redevelop our brand and strategy to create innovative products, leverage best of breed MarTech and begin developing our predictive models to maximize the value of our marketing investment and each customer interaction.

Joseph Camberato President & Co- Founder

Miratech Technology

As the CMO of Miratech, Michael and his team transformed our brand into a global technology leader. Our growth in the US market is accelerating and our overall 30% sales growth is a direct result of the new brand conceived and developed by the team.

Stewart Christ President

VJ Group Technology

Linx has helped us move from a technology-focused brand to a marketing focused brand, under the positioning of Confidence Delivered. Their ability to hone into our key value propositions and deliver that message with clarity has helped The VJ Group in achieving our rapid growth. From branding and producing our industry-leading events, building outstanding content and positioning our new products, their support has been invaluable.

Rahul Alreja Director of Global Sales