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A world leading non-destructive X-ray solutions company, VJ Technologies, was mainly gaining new business from referrals. They approached Linx to develop a marketing strategy that would drive in new business through other sources and build their brand.


After a deep-dive into the company's business model and brand, Linx discovered that VJ Technologies had two affilited divisions and that the branding was extrememly disconnected between the three sectors - VJ Technologies, VJ X-Ray and VJ Electronix. Linx sought out to create a global and united brand for the conglomerate, under which the three divisions would sit, and develop unified brand and positioning that communicated the value of the company's solutions, rather than their current technical messaging.


Linx began by developing a new corporate brand, VJ Group, with each of the three divisions as a compnent. Next, Linx developed a new look and feel for the brand, along with a value-focused positioning for the VJ Group entitiy - "Confidence Delivered" - which was brought to life through video production. In our discoveries of the disconnection between the three divisions' brand, we also realized that the website platforms were also segmented. Linx put the new brand into action through a new website design and structure that communicated the value of VJ Group's solutions, and provided a clear path to the information and assets for each dividion's brand. All of the lead generation was tied into this website both digitally, and also through traditional drive-to-web tacticals through a newly employed marketing automation system, Marketo, that Linx implemented for the VJ Group team. This system is used as the hub for all outreach efforts and materials that are distributed to leads and customers, and managed by the internal marketing and sales teams with assistance from Linx.

Outreach Program Development

One of the main services Linx provides for VJ Group is content development. When we first began working with VJ Group, the company was not producing or distributing content on an ongoing basis - a must to be deemed as a leader in any industry. Linx meets monthly with the internal executive, sales, and engineering teams to understand the newest technologies, products/services, stories, and industry news that content should be developed around. That information, combined with our own research, becomes the foundation for monthly content development in a variety of formats including case studies, whitepapers, blog posts, infographics, and newsletters.


Inquiries from web traffic have increased threefold since the redevelopment of the platform and lead generation programs are developed and deployed on a monthly basis driving in new leads daily, and increasing annual sales by 30%. With the help of Linx, the VJ Group has transformed their internal organizational culture from a technical-focused company to a marketing-focused company, and continues to lead the industry.

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Lacrosse Unlimited

Lacrosse Unlimited looked to Linx to grow their online business and sales and, successfully, Linx helped them become the number one online lacrosse retailer in the nation.

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AmeriCold Inc.

AmeriCold, a leading commercial refrigeration consulting and service company, approached Linx when they craved more performance from marketing efforts. With a website that failed to generate leads and an inconsistent brand image across collateral, print, trade show and social, AmeriCold came to the right place.