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Solid Mfg. helps independent artists and record labels produce music media and merchandise, and was looking to upgrade their logo and brand look and feel, as well as generate new leads to produce more sales.


A unique selling point of Solid Mfg. is their automated and simplified ordering process, providing step-by-step customer service that purchasers, who are often “first-timers”, appreciate. This streamlined service is represented by the brand persona, "Solidbot", a virtual robot that guides the user through the ordering proccess, which needed to be included in the new branding. Linx also recognized new opportunities for product promotions that could allow for "bundles" that appeal to different target profiles.


Linx began by developing a new brand look for Solid Mfg. with a contemporary logo design. Taking into account the current brand persona, "Solidbot", we integrated a simplified robotic icon into the logo design. We then moved on to develop a new style for the product artwork in order to showcase the music media, packaging and printing, and merchandise projects in a unique way in the promotion materials. Once the new logo and artwork styles were completed, Linx developed a multi-channel outreach program to promote the new product bundles and specials.


Solid Mfg. is seeing increases in brand awareness and lead inquiries from new customers, especially through the Facebook advertising channel which has been most effective in reaching the independent musician audience.

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Trophikos contacted Linx after several conversations regarding Linx’s expertise in backend customization of the open source platform, Magento, to help automate an ARB platform to stimulate on-line orders.

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Lacrosse Unlimited

Lacrosse Unlimited looked to Linx to grow their online business and sales and, successfully, Linx helped them become the number one online lacrosse retailer in the nation.