Our Strategy & solutions

Lacrosse Unlimited looked to Linx to grow their online business and sales and, successfully, Linx helped them become the number one online lacrosse retailer in the nation.


We set a goal to help Lacrosse Unlimited leverage its brick and mortar leadership nationwide into an online destination that would allow any player, coach, student or parent to easily find any piece of Lacrosse equipment with the most variety and alternatives. This required an extremely compelling design and organization of products, super intuitive navigation and a presentation befitting a best-of-breed site reflecting lacrosse product and culture and a total commitment to lacrosse as well as an architecture designed to handle incredibly high traffic


Over the past seven years, Linx has redesigned the Lacrosse Unlimited website four times… all in an effort to stay current and leverage our learning of what works best in the very youthful market. This strategy necessitated the complete integration of social media into the site and an all-out assault on generating social buzz.


Each time Linx redesigned and redeveloped the site, Lacrosse Unlimited sales increased by 100%. Today, the site generates 20 times the sales it did when Linx first took on our role.

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Solid Mfg. helps independent artists and record labels produce music media and merchandise, and was looking to upgrade their logo and brand look and feel, as well as generate new leads to produce more sales.

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VJ Group

An incredibly astute engineering company focusing on nondestructive X-ray testing, VJ Technologies approached Linx with very little experience in developing new business other than referral or over-the-transom work.