Our Strategy & solutions

Golden Pear contacted Linx to build a new website and integrate it seamlessly with the company’s CRM system.


Linx deployed strategic tools including A/B and landing page testing, CMF analysis, the segmentation matrix and vertical market integration to meet the overarching goals of gathering data for the Golden Pear sales team as well as integrating offline and online point of contacts.


Linx built an integrated data feed to the Golden Pear CMF from its new website, providing the company a strategic connection and ability to easily track and measure a comprehensive set of data such as lists, medium, market, geography, message and timing. Linx also implemented new branding and messaging for Golden Pear and strategically and successfully split the marketplace with investors. Finally, we tied all the Golden Pear brands together across their multiple companies including Orchard Street Finance and Golden Pear Funding.


Today, Golden Pear Merchant Capital is able to track precise campaigns and target their leads appropriately based on our aligned strategy.

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Artisan Stone Works

Artisan Stoneworks, a high-end stone contracting company, was being awarded almost all of their jobs through word of mouth from industry professionals and customers when they approached Linx to design and build them a website.

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Creme Allure

Crème Allure came to Linx in need of a brand transformation and a marketing strategy to grow their online business.