Our Strategy & solutions

Crème Allure came to Linx in need of a brand transformation and a marketing strategy to grow their online business.


Linx wanted to elevate the current Crème Allure brand to take it from a local mom and pop shop feel to a big name brand. We also analyzed the company's website and determined that we would perform a complete redesign, restructure and development site to provide a user-friendly, upgraded e-commerce platform for Crème Allure customers. Once the brand and website were reinvented, Linx planned to create ongoing outreach campaigns to drive traffic and sales.


Starting with a mood board to identify brand identity, position, tone and inspiration, Linx began the transformation. We leveraged Crème Allure's current logo, giving it a new, enhanced color scheme and selected a new color palette for the brand and website to give it a pop of color, emulating their friendly, bold, fun, and quirky brand persona. We completely mapped out the new website platform through sitemaps and wireframes, and developed the new platform according to the structural and layout plans. Once the new website was up and running, Linx developed a series of outreach campaigns around holiday and special occasion gifting to be distributed through AdWords and Social Media Advertising.

Digital Advertisements

As part of our outreach strategy, Linx develops digital ads on a monthly basis around upcoming holidays, occasions and celebrations, using fun, bold imagery and messaging.


Linx continues to work with Crème Allure to keep building upon the website platform, run monthly campaigns for holiday and occasion gift promotions, and overall strategies to continue growing the business. With social media's laser targeting abilities, we are seeing great success with our multitude of digital campaigns.

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Golden Pear

Golden Pear contacted Linx to build a new website and integrate it seamlessly with the company’s CRM system.

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Topaz, a leading manufacturer of Electrical Fittings and LED Lighting products, has worked with Linx since the early 1990s to help brand and position the firm.