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The Children’s Medical Fund is the funding arm for one of the highest profile children’s hospitals in the world. They needed an wesbite platform that told their story and could process donations for their ongoing fund raising efforts.


CMF’s existing website could not be changed by anyone in the organization and required management from an outside IT team. We understood that this was highly inefficient and expensive due to the constantly changing information the organization distributed. They also had no connections to social platforms, something that is a critical component in the non-profit world in terms of promoting the various fundraising activities that was the very heart of the program.


Linx developed a content managed site that allowed CMF to make changes on the fly, internally. We also setup CMF on our MailLinx email management system so that they could populate templates, send e-mails out to the community and see full reporting on their performance. We also created standard templates for their event communications and materials.


Instead of paying for the maintenance of two separates sites around the event and general information, we combined the two, allowed for CMF to control their own data, thereby generating tremendous cost savings, while helping increase event attendance through our robust e-mail system and on-target website. The fund has generated over $85 million in donations... and counting!

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Topaz, a leading manufacturer of Electrical Fittings and LED Lighting products, has worked with Linx since the early 1990s to help brand and position the firm.

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YPO-WPO is the largest CEO network in the world with over 21,000 members in 127 countries. Michael Smith, CEO of Linx, has been a member since 1993. In early 2010, Michael and a few other YPOers founded the Social Enterprise Network (SEN). This program introduced the new idea of doing good while doing well and a triple bottom line for companies within the group.