Our Strategy & solutions

WinTrillions.com, the world’s #1 online lottery service, was looking for an innovative approach to generate awareness and build sales.


Leveraging insight from decades of successful marketing promotions, Linx developed an innovative approach that tapped into people’s desire to win money and its ability to shift behavior, and tied it to marketers’ needs.


Working in tandem with the WinTrillions.com team, Linx created a new product that brought together with world’s 5 biggest lotteries into a single ticket that provided 468 chances to win for an entire year. With a completely new identity – The BIG5 Lotteries – the program became a turnkey solution allowing marketers to bundle their products and services with an entry to the lottery, and empower them to maintain direct contact with customers through cobranded email communications. Linx developed a set of videos that highlighted the benefits of the programs and gauged the target market’s response to the program.


The BIG5 Lotteries is poised to transform the marketing landscape as we know it.

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Vanguard Coverage was a growing player in insurance and surety bonding in the robust New York Metro construction trades marketplace. Linx was retained to help leverage its focus on construction and its considerable know-how into a leadership position.