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AmeriCold, a leading commercial refrigeration consulting and service company, approached Linx when they craved more performance from marketing efforts.


With a website that failed to generate leads and an inconsistent brand image across collateral, print, trade show and social, AmeriCold came to the right place. After conducting thorough market and competitive research, Linx leveraged its expertise in the food service industry to segment the marketplace and developed targeted value propositions and go-to-market strategies for each of AmeriCold’s verticals. By creating detailed personas of each of its targets, Linx laid out a clear picture of who needed to be reached and the most effective path to reach them.


After collaborating with AmeriCold and some of its end users to create a clear market segmentation, Linx completely revamped AmeriCold’s brand and web presence to cater to its specific verticals with messaging relating to each target within. Linx conducted a complete overhaul of the brand by leveraging insights from segmentation into clean, consistent brand collateral and a sleek social presence. The new look was translated into a trade show presence leveraging unique promotional programs. After the development of brand videos that highlight AmeriCold’s competencies and value, the refrigeration consulting company looked like the leader it was. Linx deployed a multi-channel lead generation program by creating and leveraging inbound content aligned with the targets’ needs.


AmeriCold is seeing high engagement along with 300% higher weekly inbound leads and an onslaught of job applications generated by the website and email marketing program. They are hearing strong positive feedback on its new web presence and outreach programs from existing clients

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VJ Group

An incredibly astute engineering company focusing on nondestructive X-ray testing, VJ Technologies approached Linx with very little experience in developing new business other than referral or over-the-transom work.

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Schacker Realty

Already a regional leader in commercial property, successfully selling properties face–to-face, Schacker Realty came to Linx to automate the process by creating a robust data driven interactive website that stimulated on-line inquiries and relationships.