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Crème Allure: The Sweet Success of a Branding Strategy

Crème Allure: The Sweet Success of a Branding Strategy

Client Overview

Crème Allure was founded with the set goal in mind—become a new and unique gift alternative to the same old fruit basket or cookie platter. Now, as a premiere Gourmet Ice Cream Gift retailer, Crème Allure offers customers an array of crafted dessert confections: ice cream treats, gift baskets and platters—including their signature Ice Cream Truffles. Their retail shop, draped in chocolate goodies and chilled ice cream delicacies, welcomes in-store shopping and pickup, as well as the unique option of providing all of those desserts and gifts to customers nationwide by utilizing local delivery and shipping throughout the U.S.— guaranteed to arrive frozen—with those signature, treats never losing their taste, beauty or product integrity.


Crème Allure approached the expert team at Linx when they discovered their need for a new marketing strategy—one that would help accomplish the crucial goals of elevating their brand and growing their online business.

When Crème Allure came to Linx, their website and outreach materials failed to accurately represent their brand and unique product offerings. The original website platform was demonstrating a poor UX/UI functionality when it came to browsing and shopping the ice cream products, and the platform was not mobile-friendly—a non-negotiable necessity in today’s e-commerce world.

The Linx team also indicated that Crème Allure’s existing site was lacking marketing emphasis towards the unique platter and basket customization option that Crème Allure offers—notwithstanding the poor product representation through the imagery used.

Aside from the website issues, the existing brand itself was underdeveloped and lacked clarity of its unique positioning and value in the marketplace. The Linx team immediately recognized Crème Allure’s potential and marketing value, and knew that Crème Allure was in need of a brand makeover, a new e-commerce platform, a social media strategy and digital advertising campaign to promote the driving of local sales in-store and online sales throughout the U.S. that would set them apart from other, more-traditional, boutique confectionaries.


In line with the Linx philosophy, the team set out to aid Crème Allure in thinking ahead. As a team, Linx and Crème Allure developed both long-term and short-term goals for the brand, as well as for product sales. Additional research was conducted in order to help identify those target markets for local and national audiences.

During the process, Linx needed to elevate the current Crème Allure brand and develop a marketing program for its signature “Ice Cream Truffles”—one of the company’s most unique products that would be sure to attract the largest and most-accurate customer demographic. The goal was to create brand awareness within the marketplace and develop points of differentiation for Crème Allure’s brand and products among its competitors.

In order to successfully develop the brand further, Linx created a mood board to identify brand identity, position, tone, and inspiration. This served as the foundation for the website design and creative for all branded materials.

After the developing a revamped brand, Linx was able to incorporate that new, successful model into the design and functionality for a new website, as well as into a social outreach program that would help Crème Allure’s ultimate goal—to drive online sales.

In order to improve their website and create the best shopping experience for consumers, Linx conducted the necessary marketing research to map out UX/UI functionality and interface. Prior to this, a full website audit was conducted on the previous platform to identify all of the issues, errors, and faults that would need to be corrected on the new platform. The Linx team also conducted market and demographic research of competitors’ own social media platforms in order to strategize a social media outreach campaign that would bring Crème Allure the success and market identity that their unique product demanded.


Before initiating the necessary predictive modeling strategy, Linx took the first step in developing a branding and positioning strategy for Crème Allure. With this in mind, Linx’s own goal was to shape Crème Allure into becoming an innovative new dessert and gift company, providing a true market identity and separating the company from its place among other, e-commerce-based competitors.

As part of the core strategy, Linx worked with Crème Allure to develop a look and feel for the new and improved Crème Allure brand, using each element of customer outreach to re-introduce the unique dessert and gift company with a unique market identity. The goal then became the creation of brand awareness in the marketplace, and the development of points of differentiation for Crème Allure’s brand and products among its competitors.

Linx upgraded the company’s brand to correctly reflect the mood board, desired brand voice and positioning. This was successfully achieved by revamping the logo design and color scheme and creating more of a welcoming and trendy feel. Linx created a creative brief to develop voice and tonality for standardized content throughout the new Crème Allure website, as well as on any promotional items and social campaigns. This strategy ensured the necessary consistency across all market outreach channels.

To provide a more user-friendly shopping experience, the original Crème Allure website platform needed to be reskinned and restructured. When Linx when finished with its revamp, the new Crème Allure site successfully improved the user experience when purchasing products online—and, in turn, increased conversions towards mobile users, which the Linx team found to be Crème Allures largest source of traffic.

As part of the overall outreach program, Linx chose to incorporate special offers on the new Crème Allure website homepage. One major issue found was the old website’s poor navigation. To solve this issue, Linx restructured the categorization of the products, making it more ergonomic for customers to navigate and select from the wide-ranging variety of Crème Allure’s products, and to create an easier and more occasion-focused shopping experience. This new website placed on a completely new website platform, WordPress, utilizing Woo Commerce for the e-commerce integration.

Linx completely transformed the look and feel of the website platform to reflect the upgraded branding and improved UX/UI. The new website was more organized because of increased product categorization and it now features product upselling and cross-selling. Additionally, the homepage displays featured products and key information for shipping and other promotions, which can also be seen throughout the site.

With a newly-developed brand and positioning, and a newly created website, Linx then developed a complete outreach strategy by creating ads to be used for online advertising on Facebook and Instagram—two major social media outlets that both attract new customers, but make customer loyalty easier for the client to achieve. Facebook and Instagram ads are also targeted to consumers with holiday-specific messaging, a crucial demographic for Crème Allure’s specialized branding needs. Linx was able to distribute the ads on Facebook by specific demographics that research found were relevant to the type of consumer Crème Allure had long been trying to reach.

To date, Linx has successfully run campaigns for a multitude of holidays and occasions. As a successful team, Linx and Crème Allure have seen a significant increase in online purchases, as well as new visitors to the newly-constructed website—an increase of 14,821 since the new site’s official launch in November 2017. Linx’s successful Campaigns have provided Crème Allure the market status is always deserved.


We are still in the process of helping Crème Allure grow their unique business. As their strategic advisors, our current goal is to generate more local Long Island awareness, and to enable Crème Allure to create new distribution channels, better engagement with their customers, and to create a brand loyalty program.