Vonage Takes Over Office Building With Drones, Jet Packs, Holograms

Event and experiential marketing is becoming a must use for most marketers. The ubiquitous screen that delivers all our information may create recognition, but impact is created through physical experience. Especially in B2B. This video demonstrates it perfectly!

To show how advanced technology can help businesses succeed, Vonage launched a Business Tech Takeover at an office building in Atlanta on Thursday, complete with drones, flying jet packs and holograms.
The event, which is supported by TV, digital, out-of-home and social media, was created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami, and is part of Vonage’s “It’s About Time” campaign, which broke last month.
“As a leader in cloud communications, we want business decision-makers to understand new technology can help them improve how they do business,” said Ted Gilvar, CMO at Vonage. ” So we brought in amazing tech to take over an office building to make people rethink what they get from their communications partner.”
At the office building in Atlanta, drones flew overhead carrying billboards with messages such as, “We can do this, why can’t we switch a phone call to a video call with the touch of a button?,” and stuntmen flew in jet packs with signs reading, “We can do this, why can’t we seamlessly pull a call from our desk phone to our mobile phones?”
Visitors could also go into “holocubes” and turn themselves into holograms.
“As we work to drive awareness of Vonage as a business-first communications company, we wanted to stay true to our disruptive roots and market in a different, innovative and disruptive way,” Mr. Gilvar said.
Source: AdAge June 30, 2016

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