Vineyards Outreach Program

As part of our ongoing SEM & PPC program to generate leads for The Vineyards, Linx revised the online media budget by strategically reallocating funds to run ads on multiple channels, adding Facebook into the mix for more extensive targeting options.

The strategy:
Through Facebook advertising, we are able to target specific profiles based on over 1600 different attributions from gender, location and age to personal interests and life’s important milestones. We can even comb through user profiles to place ads only on pages that mention a specific keywords. Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook also offers additional character length for ad copy and CTA’s, and allows us to connect to targets across devices and platforms. We are even able to double the reach of our ads by allowing ads that are clicked, liked or commented on to show up in the newsfeeds of our targets’ friends.
The result:
The key to our online programs is tracking. We have a custom coded system we utilize for each online program we run, that helps us determine which ads are performing best according to specific metrics.
According to our findings, we found that a higher level targeting allowed us to increase our reach, and therefore increase conversions for our client.

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