Traditional Marketing is Not Dying (It’s Evolving)

Traditional Marketing is Not Dying (It’s Evolving)

You’ve heard it before: print, TV, retail – they’re dying industries (or already dead). Digital is taking over the world and marketing will never be the same. The same methodologies, technologies and industries that once flourished are now dinosaurs destined for extinction. It’s time to move on.
But print, TV, retail and other marketing industries are not dying – they’re evolving. The latest digital technologies are not burying traditional market industries but enhancing them. Digital is spilling over into all areas of marketing to deliver a new set of innovative and integrated solutions.
Print advertising – a so-called dying industry – is bringing to life the interactive print advertisement. The tools to measure advertising potential in the TV industry are migrating to the online world. And virtual reality is changing the in-store shopping experience forever. Thanks to digital technology, even the oldest industries have a place in the future of marketing.

Print Advertising Dabbles with Interactivity

Interactive print ads are blurring the lines between conventional and cutting-edge to represent the potential future of print advertising. The new ad hybrids bring interactivity to an age-old marketing channel.
The interactive print ad received mixed reviews on its innovation. As of now, the technology may be too expensive to be widely replicated in print. But ten years down the road – who knows? Interactive print ads may certainly become the norm.

Data Drives TV and Digital Advertising

As more audiences migrate to digital channels, the battle to reach consumers through traditional TV becomes increasingly desperate. This is particularly true for the youth demographic (18 to 34-year-olds) that so adamantly admires the digital side of modern entertainment.
The future of data-driven digital marketing may blur the lines between traditional television and online video. Armed with the tools to measure digital viewers – much like we do TV – tomorrow’s media planners plan to launch campaigns and reach targeted demographics across multiple digital channels.
On the flip side of the coin, advertisers of the future can collect and implement data on digital viewing habits to inform TV ad buys. This integrated innovation may very well be the next step in the TV/digital marketing and advertising industry.

Retail Meets 3D Virtual Reality

Is there anything more interactive than 3D virtual reality? Probably not. And guess what…augmented reality could very well be the future of retail marketing.
Imagine entire store inventories mapped with 3D technology to create in-store virtual experiences. Picture iPads equipped with pre-installed apps to bring in-store retail shopping experiences to the comfort of home. And think of wearable glasses that seamlessly integrate with the entire shopping experience. This is where we are headed.
The moral of the story? Technology will undoubtedly change the traditional marketing industry channels – but it’s not here to replace them.


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