Welcome to a Cookieless World

Welcome to a Cookieless World

After an unprecedented year that impacted marketing around the world, a new year brings exciting new ways to attract, engage, and delight your audience to drive business growth.  

Today we’re sharing the first part of our new blog series, The Top Marketing Trends You Need to Know. 

Goodbye, Web Cookies

Web cookies are small pieces of data stored on users’ computers by their web browsers, allowing websites to remember information, such as the user’s browsing activity or the items they added to their shopping carts. For many years, cookies have played a vital role in the digital marketing machine by providing key data used in targeting and retargeting audiences at the right time, harvesting data, and improving ad performance. 

Now for the mic drop. From now on, you can expect a cookieless world. Popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have already blocked third-party cookies, meaning you’ll have to get more creative in your efforts to make up for the loss of valuable data cookies provided. 

So, here’s what you can do: 

  • Embrace AdTech in new ways, such as media mix modeling (MMM) 
  • Build your own Customer Data Platform (CDP), a process providing long-term control over targeting 
  • Be at the forefront of alternative technologiesdemand-side platforms are a good start 
  • Rely on the data provided by FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet)in many cases, this data is sufficient when combined with robust analytics 
  • Educate, test, and train, from the C-Suite down on this issue and new ways to manage targeting 

If youre looking for help setting a marketing strategy in a cookieless world, reach out to Linx today at thinkahead@linx.com. 

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