Top 7 Online Marketing Trends to Dominate 2014

Forbes magazine recently put together a list of the top 7 online marketing trends for 2014. As a digital marketer, you need to understand these trends are no longer basic strategies but absolute requirements for modern marketing success. From the mobile-friendly original content that will soon dominate the industry to the expansion of content marketing as a primary tactic…from social media marketing to search engine optimization and everything in between…here’s our take on how you can make the most of the top trendsetters for 2014.

1. The Explosion of Content Marketing

In 2014, building trust within the market and gaining a loyal following will depend more on content marketing (the distribution of relevant, valuable and fresh content) than ever before. Social media networks, company websites and blogs, newsletters and posts on niche websites will top the list of important channels for you to distribute fresh and frequent content. Case studies, videos and articles will also help you succeed in content marketing via increased traffic and recognition as an industry expert. Collectively, the individual spokes on the content marketing wheel, especially when implemented together, will dramatically boost your brand in 2014.

2. The Importance of Social Diversity

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – chances are you already know how to implement the core social media networks into the marketing mix. But if you want to win the social media game in 2014, you’ll also need to focus on the newer social media platforms picking up incredible traction across the board. Creative applications of the new kids on the block (Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr) will help you distribute engaging content into newer, more powerful media formats. The rules are simple – adapt to social media diversity or fall behind in 2014.

3. The Rise of Image-Centric Content

Cliché as it is, a picture is worth a thousand words. In 2014, it may be worth even more. How can you capture the attention of target audiences in 2014? Harness the power of well-placed, compelling images to break up blog posts, email blasts and other digital content. If you’re looking for surefire attention grabbers, then stock up your arsenal with infographics highlighting notable statistics or research. Now is a better time than ever to focus on the aesthetics of content as much as the message. Moving to an image-centric mindset will greatly boost your chances of going viral in 2014.

4. Less is Finally More

In our digital attention-deficit era, “clean and uncluttered” brings new meaning to the adage, less is more. Like a feng shui aesthetic for the online world, simplicity will help you break through the virtual noise in 2014. So, ditch the busy and cluttered look and feel of your digital assets from your website to social media accounts, email newsletters and everything in between.

5. Mobile-Friendly Content a Modern Necessity

Mobile commerce (retail purchases made on tablets and smartphones) is growing more than twice as quickly as transactions made on PCs. Mobile accounted for nearly $940 million during just three of the biggest shopping days of the year. In 2014, you must figure out a way to translate objectives to the undeniably dynamic platform known as ‘mobile’. Optimize your website for mobile with a responsive design and create a company branded mobile app to capitalize on this ever-evolving, always increasing digital marketing trend.

6. Ad Retargeting More Effective Than Ever

The phenomenon known as “retargeting” or “behavioral remarketing” builds familiarity and improves the chances for a conversion or sale. As ad retargeting grows in effectiveness, you’ll need to incorporate this modern strategy into your 2014 pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

7. SEO and Social Media Even More Intertwined

Despite the massive evolution of modern search engines, a top ranking on the first page of Google remains a number one online goal for digital marketers. In 2014, social media will play even more of a role in first page search engine rankings. Get social media right and expect greater results for your SEO objectives.


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