The Future of Video Advertising

The Future of Video Advertising

The future of video advertising is upon us, with the emergence of a shorter, more concise video format.

The Six Second Video is Upon Us.

Back in January at a six-second hackathon at Sundance hosted by Google, the new format of utilizing the six-second video in advertising has picked up. Both Fox and Facebook have announced their decision to get on board with this format and YouTube has seen brands begin to feature these mini clips calling them “bumper ads”.

Google recently tested over 300 bumper ads, with results indicating that 9 out of 10 drove a significant lift in ad recall and 61% raised brand awareness. These short ads are being used to drive upper-funnel goals like ad recall and awareness. This cost effective approach ensure you can reach your target audience and ensure your message is heard.

These ads can be shown on their own, or paired with a campaign to increase deliverable reach and frequency. Larger companies like Michelin are getting on board with the six-second ad, and testing this new format to measure its success.

Michelin is able to utilize this video format to continue their goal to reach younger demographics – chasing after the elusive Millennials and Generation Z age groups who are known for having shorter attention spans.

For marketers, the six-second ads forces brands to be more specific and focused, there’s no room for excess information and only the most important information. Stories are told in a successive format or through a series, driving customers to come back for more. Facebook also announced in June that they were going to work on their own six-second ad game during their second-quarter earnings call.

Overall, these ads are short on time, but not short on impact.

With technology constantly changing our team has to be ready to take on new challenges for our clients. We recognize that we have to be ahead of the curve, which is why we are always Thinking Ahead. At Linx, we know that learning must be done at a rate greater than or equal to change so when the market shifts and the six-second video emerges, we’re ready for it. We are driving our clients not only understand new marketing approaches like the six-second video, but work with them to utilize these approaches to make their brand thrive.

As we move into the fourth quarter of the year, it’s time to consider your marketing strategy for the coming year and what will be a part of it. Should your business incorporate the six-second video in your marketing plan? Is this format right for your business? These are questions we can help answer as you build your 2018 strategy. Give us a call today.

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