The 7 P’s of Strategic Marketing Success

The 7 P’s of Strategic Marketing Success

Linx develops market-driven business strategies covering the 7 P’s of marketing – product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people. In the marketing world, even the smallest tweaks to the 7 P’s can mean big changes in your campaign. Our marketing team has more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the 7 P’s – and we optimize each one to improve your bottom line. Here are 7 reasons to partner with Linx.

1. Product

Many companies bring in an outside marketing consultant to answer critical questions about its product or service, or mix of products and services. What’s special about your product or service? How can you best reach the customers actively seeking them? Is there even a market for your product or service? The answers to these questions hold the keys to strategic marketing success.
Linx is more than a marketing consultant. Our market-driven business strategies establish and promote the key value propositions that make your product or service superior in some significant way than anything else on the market. We segment your product or service into its most profitable niche and answer all the critical questions needed to go to market with the best strategy.
Assessing your business honestly, Linx will even help you determine if you should be offering the particular product or service at all in the market. If not, we can help you go to market with a unique and more effective strategy.

2. Price

Everything has a price. And setting the price for your product or service can be risky business. There’s a delicate balance between overcharging consumers, motivating them to use competitors and undercharging them, destroying your profits. Can you raise prices, lose a percentage of your customers and still remain profitable? Can you justify profits for your product or service in relation to the efforts and resources that go into producing them? Once again, these critical questions need answers.
More than a marketing consultant, Linx provides the comprehensive research and strategic insight to set prices that not only maximize profitability but also match the realities of the market. The right or wrong price is often the difference between success and failure. Linx always ensures you go to market with the smartest and most lucrative price point.

3. Promotion

Even small changes in promotion and advertising can lead to dramatic changes in results. An experience copywriter, for example, can boost response rates from advertising by 500 percent by changing only the headline on an advertisement. Some companies go to market with many approaches and others with just a few. Smart companies always go to market with the best approaches as determined by careful and comprehensive strategic research.
Linx provides a plethora of marketing and advertising approaches, offerings and strategies to best promote your product or service. Our diverse team covers all areas of promotion and advertising from creative and design to PR, event planning direct mail and more. Combining an integrated team with a market-driven business strategy, we successfully promote your product or service across its most profitable channels.

4. Place

Even a small change in place can lead to a rapid increase in sales. Choosing the best location or place to market your product or service is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. Understanding the available options as well as their unique advantages is the first step to going to market in the most profitable place. Linx explores every option with a detailed assessment of its strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your particular brand.
A Linx market-driven business strategy determines the exact point where customer meets salesperson. In the mail, over the phone, face to face, trade shows, joint ventures, distribution – Linx is everywhere your product or service needs to be. We figure out where your potential customers receive buying information and more importantly, how they make a buying decision. Simply put, we find the right combination of places to best market your product or service – all to boost your bottom line.

5. Packaging

How long do first impressions last in the marketplace? About 30 seconds. Not a lot of time to make an impact. Within those crucial first 30 seconds, even the smallest improvements in packaging or external appearance can lead to completely different reactions. You always need to put your best foot forward.
From the first moment of contact to the point of purchase, packaging plays a powerful role in your strategic marketing campaign. And packaging is more than just the look of your product or service. It’s your office, sales people, correspondence and brochure – every visual element about your company. When everything counts, you can count on Linx to deliver the quality packaging to maximize your potential customers’ confidence in doing business with you.

6. Positioning

Successful marketing is measured not only in terms of sales and profit but also in the way customers see, think and talk about your company. People may use specific words to describe your company, its products and services – and smart marketers use this information to determine their positioning in the market. You simply need to position your company in the hearts and minds of your customers. Linx is here to help.
Most customers think of you in terms of a single attribute. For example, customers think of the BMW as “the ultimate driving machine.” But more important than a great positioning line – which Linx can help you develop – is how deeply that attribute entrenches in the minds and hearts of your customers and prospective customers. Good or bad positioning often determines how readily a customer will buy your product or service and how much they will pay.
At Linx, we help develop the key positioning to leave an ideal impression in customers’ minds and hearts. In every customer interaction, we ensure customers think and talk about you in a way that makes you the very best choice over the competition. We simply create powerful positioning that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more.

7. People

Every single decision and policy requires a specific person to carry it out in a specific way. Successful companies simply need the right people for the job. But in addition to the right people, you also need the right roles for each person. Even the best business plans in the world can fail without key people to execute them.
More than a marketing consultant, Linx can help you select, recruit, hire and retain the right people for the right job. We place them in the best position to make the most of your business. The result is a dedicated team working together to improve your business and bottom line.
Looking for help launching a strategic marketing campaign? Contact Linx today. You can always find us at the corner of Strategy and Marketing.

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