Strategic Business and Marketing Lessons from Masters of Chess

They say a smart player can win a chess match in four moves. A master can win in only two.
In both a game of chess and in business, there are tactics and there are strategies. Tactics require observation – watching everyone’s next move and reacting to it – while strategy requires thought – not only reacting to the situation but also keeping a long-term goal in sight.
The secret to winning is not just executing tactical business maneuvers but building a strategy as the foundation for those tactics. At Linx, this is our founding philosophy, laying down a strategy as a cornerstone of business to conquer the competition.

A marketing element provides 10X ROI. Add in the efficiencies of technology and you bring that number to 100X ROI. But begin with a sound strategy and your entire program can deliver 1,000X ROI.

Build a Proactive Networking Strategy

The difference between an amateur chess player and an expert is being reactive, rather than proactive. Do you have a proactive networking strategy or are you waiting for small client streams to grow?
Chances are you have clients that are more than satisfied with your company. A simple yet effective proactive networking strategy can help you leverage those satisfied clients into future referrals.
Just ask!
A lot of businesses mistakenly assume clients will mention them in a networking scenario. On the contrary, your clients may think that you’re happy finding your own business.
If you want to be the name on everyone’s lips when clients come into contact with business partners that require a service like yours – something you definitely want – then you need to speak up. Asking for a referral ensures everyone understands you’re actively seeking networking opportunities.
There are other powerful outreach strategies to consider. A regular blog shared on social media can help your company establish a strong online presence and build the brand awareness that allows potential customers to get to know your business before the point of contact.
You don’t need to pick up the phone to spread the word about your company. At the end of the day, digital networking can be just as effective as word of mouth.

Go for the Big Win

A big win in chess starts with a signature move – such as taking a queen or rook – that provides the player a powerful head start. In the business world, the head start needed to win often begins with government contracts.
Few business contracts are more lucrative and reputable than a government contract.
If you can land a solid government contract and deliver on your promises, then you can not only revolutionize your company portfolio but also open countless doors for your services in the future.

Embrace the Power of a Bespoke Strategy

Chances are your business can branch into a number of markets. Going into the market blind without a bespoke strategy is a costly mistake that can limit your potential revenue streams.
A common consumer market is the teenage to college student age bracket. Logically, a smart marketing strategy would target high schools and college campuses.
Obviously, high school and college students spend a lot of their time on campus – but it’s not the only place. Surely you can target popular student clubs in town and other places students spend their time. You can even reach out to students in the National Union of Students organization and offer discounts.
The point is that your business and marketing strategy needs to be better than simple and generic – it needs to be complex and tailored. Only then can you maximize revenue streams from multiple markets.

Linx is more than a marketing consultant.

Linx relies on market-driven business strategies to give your organization a competitive edge. More than “marketing advice” – Linx can test, pull back and adjust, perform risk/reward calculations and implement a plethora of our own market-driven business strategies.
Contact us today to learn about our hybrid model that unifies world-class strategic consulting with cutting edge marketing communications to take your business to the next level.

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