Small Tweaks Create Sales Spikes After World Series

It’s amazing how such a small change can make a huge difference. See how Linx helped The Emblem Source make quick changes that resulted in out of the park sales.

This year’s World Series game has been called some of the best baseball to have ever been played. 108 years in the making, fans of the Chicago Cubs are some of the most loyal in the game. Not to mention fans of the sport who were proud to witness history and fine sportsmanship.
One of our clients, a retailer of sports patches, made a simple image change to their home page by featuring a patch of the newly crowned 2016 World Series Winning Chicago Cubs, and saw their orders increase by 100 in just two days!
By staying on top of current events, recent trends and quick changes in the news, clients can take advantage of shopping trends by placing their product in the front lines for consumers. By having access to change their back end and make quick changes on the fly, our client could take full advantage of the Cubs win and take home a nice profit in return.
This kind of service and quick thinking is one of the many services we at Linx pride ourselves on. It’s important to us that we’re here for our customers when they need us, so we can help them make the changes they need, and suggest edits to help them do better business.

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