Personalized Video Holds Enormous Potential for Brands

As Linx integrates Marketo and Video to provide incredible 1:1 experience for our client’s customer, we are seeing the same results as provided in this forward thinking article.

True personalization is speaking to your customers on an individual, one-to-one level at a relevant point in time and with multiple layers of data driving the message. Video is the most powerful and effective way to do exactly that, provided you’re using an appropriate strategy and methodology, as outlined in SundaySky’s “Beginner’s Guide to Next-Gen Personalization.”
Check out the full text of “Beginner’s Guide to Next-Gen Personalization”
The guide outlines how to apply a modular approach to video, making 1-to-1 personalization possible at scale. It also details specific case studies that illustrate personalization done right through video. This includes a look at Atlantis Paradise Island, the tropical resort that used personalization to achieve a nine percent lift in guest spend.
Brands that market to an audience of one deliver value to the customer and drive measurable impact back to the business, such as incremental top-line revenue or cost savings. And best of all, it’s easier than you think. Get the “Beginner’s Guide to Next-Gen Personalization” and learn how to achieve meaningful personalization.
Source: AdWeek September 11, 2016

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