Miratech Goes Global with Linx in their Suitcase

Linx introduced the global branding strategy for Miratech at their Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, Ukraine.

The importance of working with companies that can help build your business to its greatest potential is invaluable. At Linx, we pride ourselves on not limiting ourselves to any particular facet of marketing; we’re like the chameleons of the marketing industry: ever-adapting and blending seamlessly with our clients’ needs.
Recently one our international clients tasked us with creating a series of billboards for Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, Ukraine. Linx created a dynamic series of engaging billboards for the baggage claim and the hallways leading from the arrival terminals to provide the maximum impact on consumers arriving at the airport. The billboards featured targeted copy with beautiful, engaging images of athletes to engage the viewer and drive home the take-charge vision our client conveys.
Being dynamic ourselves gives Linx the opportunity to work on such unique opportunities such as this.
Check out the other billboards Linx created:


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