Linx Supports VJE as They Launch Innovative New Products for 2017

Linx Supports VJE as They Launch Innovative New Products for 2017

VJE’s newest product launch program includes trade show, publication, and online outreach campaigns.

To continuously improve efficiency and processes for their customers, VJE is launching two new products this month. Both machines are evolved versions of existing products, now featuring better technology, faster processes, and advanced features to improve workflow for their customers.
As part of the product rollout, VJ Electronix planned to introduce the Summit 1800i at the APEX 2017 expo, and the XQuik II Auto Load with AccuCount Technology through publication and online advertising. VJE turned to Linx for a strategy, campaign development, and creative production work.
With the branding guidelines and product value in mind, Linx created an overall look and feel for the ads and trade show graphics that delivered a unified message, but served each channel accordingly. A multi-channel approach was taken with print and online advertising in a number of industry publications and rollup banner graphics for the trade show booth. Both the ads and the banners feature the two upgraded machines with sleek and clean design that enabled us to keep the products as the main focus and highlight the improvements and enhancements of each, while delivering the value points to each customer audience. As a standard procedure, Linx put unique campaign tracking into place for each ad through QR codes and custom links, to be tracked through our lead nurturing software.


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