Linx revamps newest client Creme Allure’s branding

Linx revamps newest client Creme Allure’s branding

Linx’s newest client, Crème Allure, a Gourmet Ice Cream and Ice Cream Gifts retailer, came to us in need of new marketing strategy that would help them accomplish their goals of growing their online business. When they came to us, their website and outreach materials did not accurately represent their brand and unique product offerings.

We started with the company’s branding and positioning to help them elevate their brand look and feel and elevate their brand positioning. With some upgrades to the logo and brand color scheme, we were able to take Crème Allure to the next level.

Next, we created what we call a “mood board” to help us outline the look, feel and inspiration that captures the essence of Crème Allure’s brand. This document then becomes the foundation for all artwork and creative production that we develop.

The next undertaking was the website. As part of the marketing plan Linx created for them, we completely renovated their website to emulate their friendly, bold, fun, and quirky brand persona. But it was more than just a design issue. After analyzing the current user behavior data and online store paths, we discovered that there weremajor flaws in the structure of the UX/UI (user experience/user interface). Like many of our strategies for e-commerce companies, we had to bring the customer to the center of our efforts to create a user-friendly online shopping experience. Part of this strategy included an interactive custom product builder that allows customers to build their own dessert platters and baskets on the website!

While the website is currently in development, we are now preparing our strategies for outreach programs to promote the new website and drive traffic and online sales. A big part of this approach will be social media advertising and promotional tie-ins that the company had not been executing before.

As we help grow the business our goals will lead to enabling Crème Allure to create new distribution channels, better engage with customers tobuild brand loyalty, gain new customers, and ultimately expand their business nationwide.

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