LeadLinx a service line offered by Linx offers some of the best strategic and executional Marketo work around. Whether your organization is just starting out or has a team of experts on board, our Marketo Managed Services offering is ideal for maximizing your investment in your CRM, Marketing Program and Sales Team.
Below are just a few of the Marketo Managed Services we offer.

LeadLinx – Lead Nurturing
Are you nurturing leads at every stage of their journey?
Even sophisticated demand generation teams have trouble with multi-track lead nurturing. Often, they’ve created a fantastic “welcome” campaign, designed to introduce prospects to their organization’s offerings. Maybe they also have a drip campaign that maintains constant communication.
But that’s just a start. To successfully manage leads through your funnel, you’ll want to create targeted nurturing programs at every step of your buyer’s journey. Do you have a nurturing program for when a sales rep recycles a lead? How about when an opportunity is lost, when a lead is sales-qualified, or when a client leaves? Let us help.
Strategic planning
Linx will work with you to build a strategic plan for your lead nurturing campaigns. We’ll focus on developing leads through each step of the buyer’s journey, on and off-line. Then, we’ll work with your team to create a detailed architecture for each track.
Program and Campaign Creation
Our production team will follow the roadmap we’ve built to create each lead nurturing track in the most scalable, elegant way possible. With our robust quality assurance process and expertise in CRM and marketing automation tools, we’ll ensure your lead nurturing programs work as intended.
Content Development
Our demand generation content team can leverage your current assets and build a cohesive messaging structure around them. This way, your organization can deliver targeted marketing messages while reusing as much of your current material as possible.
Asset creation
Lead nurturing requires a lot of assets, from emails and landing pages to programs and progressive profiling forms. Our skilled production and strategy teams can help create these assets and ensure they look great across browsers and email clients.
LeadLinx – Advanced Forms
Are you capturing the data you need to arm and aim sales?
Strong marketing campaigns mean very little when the campaigns don’t result in conversions. And even when a prospect does fill out a form, marketing isn’t always capturing the data the sales team needs in order to pursue an opportunity.
Linx is the expert in building advanced lead capture forms that result in higher form conversions, better data, a better user experience, and more qualified leads sent to sales. Using advanced techniques—cookies, JavaScript, URL parameters, and best practices in marketing automation and CRM tools—we help marketing capture more and better leads.
LeadLinx – Progressive Profiling
Ask for information incrementally, instead of all at once. This results in the qualification of leads over time, higher conversion rates, and more in-depth information to arm your sales team.
LeadLinx – Aesthetics and UX
Customize your forms to your brand and website’s styles. We can edit input fields, build conditional and dynamic field selections, create multi-column forms, add design elements, and more.
LeadLinx – CRM & Data Cleansing
Linx helps create the perfect CRM structure to maximize the power of lead nurturing and empower your sales team. During lead capture data cleansing, we audit your forms and database to ensure you’re passing normalized, clean data with as much valuable information about the lead and associated campaign as possible.
LeadLinx – Dynamic Display
Asking a question you already know the answer to is pointless, and annoys prospects and customers. The same is true with forms. Through data lookups and other advanced techniques, we can deliver forms that display only the fields that are blank in your database.
LeadLinx – Conversion Optimization
All of our techniques—progressive profiling, aesthetic improvements, and dynamic field display—can improve your form conversion rates, allow you to better arm and aim your sales team, and boost the return of your marketing campaigns.
LeadLinx – Mobile Optimization
Is your website optimized for the growing number of smartphone and tablet visitors? We can help. Mobile optimization makes it easier for leads to fill out forms right from their phone, increasing the success of your marketing campaigns.
LeadLinx – Sales Enablement
Is your sales team held back by your demand generation tools?
You don’t need your sales reps to be experts at CRM tools. You want them to be experts at selling. That’s why your sales tools should be intuitive.
When sales tools aren’t intuitive, reps are less productive and less effective making sales, leading to a weaker pipeline. On top of that, your data will be a mess, which hurts your ability to forecast.
Through our sales enablement practice, Linx will align your processes to your selling methodology, build systems so new data will be complete and accurate, train your sales team on using the system, and provide tools to deliver the right message at the right time.
CRM Customization
Make your CRM your own. Linx provides a technical and strategic audit that will reveal ways to improve field consistency, custom object usage, custom layouts, user security, sales process, database health, and more. Making your CRM instance fit your business requirements is what we do best.
Sales Nurturing
Deliver the right message at the right time. Using drip techniques, we can create dynamic and targeted nurturing programs to help your team educate mid- and late-stage prospects, close deals, win back lost customers, and retain current accounts.
Process Alignment
Align your processes with your sales methodology. Whether you use strategic selling, conceptual selling, channel partner management, or another methodology, we can build your CRM system to enforce the opportunity stages and forecast the categories your team uses.
Reporting and Dashboards
Provide visibility throughout your organization. Reports and dashboards give your company new insight into your database, sales pipeline, team contribution, and a host of other areas. This data can also help your senior management make strategic adjustments.
Data Cleansing
Ensure your data is reliable and complete. We can normalize and consolidate fields and build processes so that the data coming into your CRM is clean. Reps will have the information they need to meaningfully connect with prospects. Management will gain the data needed to grow the business.
Combat low productivity. When a sales team doesn’t know how to use the tools at their disposal, reps get off-track and frustrated. Deals slip through their fingers. Linx will arm your sales team with instructions for using tools, as well as best practices for using CRM systems to close and win deals.
LeadLinx – Content Development
Get expert help building your Marketo assets
It’s all about using the right kind of content at the right stage of the buying process. Content should start by creating awareness of your brand, product, or service. Then, content builds consideration for your solution—and finally, drives purchase.
Are you ready to build your portfolio of content? Linx can deliver content by the piece or as part of a complete campaign. We also offer consulting to help you develop a comprehensive content strategy.
Build awareness among your target customers. Articles are engaging, informative, easy to read, and the perfect introduction to your brand.
White Papers
Establish your expertise and build consideration. Give your readers valuable information about what’s happening in your industry, and then tell them how your solution can address pain points.
Stay in touch with prospective and current customers. E-newsletters offer timely, relevant information that builds preference for your solution.
Leverage the power of social connectivity and let your prospects and customers distribute powerful data point about your brands.
Publish a short, captivating e-book and get noticed. Be knowledgeable, be groundbreaking, or be fun—just remember to be interesting. When your e-book goes viral, you’ll get traffic to your site and an opportunity to drive sales.
Product Brochures
Take a deeper dive into your product’s benefits and features. Your customers get all the information they need, along with key marketing messages.
Case studies
There’s no better way to demonstrate the benefits of your products or services than with a case study. Case studies are essential to closing a sale, and we believe that every great company should have a good collection ready to use.
Videos increase email click through rates by 300% and extend time on landing pages by 80%. I also boots interest by 74% – that is why our in-house video team make adding video to your content asset base easy.
LeadLinx – Database Cleanup
Is messy data costing you money?
What you know about your leads and contacts helps tremendously when making marketing decisions, from targeting and segmentation to passing qualified, complete leads to sales.
Linx offers an extensive marketing automation and CRM database audit. An audit will both inform your organization about the health of your database and build best practices for maintaining high-quality data.
Data Append Services
Is incomplete data getting in the way of sales success? Linx will recommend in-platform or third-party tools to append contact and segmentation data—ensuring your team has the most complete data possible.
Data Standardization
Keep the data in your fields consistent. “Pick list” and “select list” fields are often the best way to capture consistent data. When we identify non-standard values, we’ll build automated programs to match up field data. Now your team can better target and segment leads, and more accurately qualify them.
Field Consolidation
Contact records can get cluttered with fields that are rarely used or are duplicates. To retain important data, we’ll develop solutions for field management and organization, so your team can build meaningful and complete reports.
Data Capture Programs
Capture more of your leads’ data with progressive profiling and email nurture programs. We’ll build programs that fill in missing contact data. This gives you a better idea of who is in your database and how to target them.
Schema Analysis
Make sure you’re syncing custom objects between your marketing automation and CRM systems correctly—so your teams can share complex data in the most efficient manner. We’ll build out the necessary custom objects and integrations to fit your marketing and sales process.
Database Audit
Our deep dive into your company’s data checks for field completeness, field cleanliness, data object usage, and integrations of marketing automation and CRM. As a result, you’ll not only get a complete view of where your data is lacking or dirty, but also how it can be fixed.
LeadLinx – Marketo Asset Creation
Get expert help building your Marketo assets
Linx offers some of the best Marketo asset creation and development around. Whether your organization is just starting out with Marketo or already has a team of experts on board, our Marketo managed services is perfect for you.
We help demand generation and marketing teams build best-practice marketing assets in Marketo. From landing pages and emails to forms and reports, we do it all—and we do it right. Our thorough quality assurance and testing processes mean that assets we build will look good across email clients and browsers, keeping your brand image just right on all corners of the Internet.
Asset Creation
Your Marketo marketing efforts require a lot of assets, from emails and landing pages to programs and progressive profiling forms. Our skilled production and strategy teams can help create these assets and verify they look great across browsers and email clients.
We build advanced forms that result in higher form conversions, better data, a better user experience, and more qualified leads sent to sales. Using advanced techniques—cookies, JavaScript, URL parameters, and best practices—we help marketing teams capture more and better leads.
Landing Pages
With our team’s design skills and understanding of technical tools, we give each of your visitors clear landing page options. We can even use tracking to share the most appropriate materials with your prospects at every step in the buyer’s journey
Let us help you build emails that are consistent across all email clients, devices, and network formats. Our technical and marketing-savvy email builds give your organization the visibility you need to act and learn.
Reports and Dashboards
Provide visibility throughout your organization. Reports and dashboards give you new insights into your database, marketing and sales pipeline, campaign ROI, and a host of other areas. This data can also help your senior management make strategic adjustments.
Click here to download your Content Management and Lead Nurturing documents.

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