How to Correct Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes – we all make them – but what are they costing you? If you’re making big social media mistakes, it could be engagement, sales, profitability, camaraderie, trust –the list goes on. There’s more to social media success than posting tweets and status updates – and this mentality can get you into big trouble.
The most popular online activity, social media brings marketers endless possibilities. Still, it’s easy to get tripped up along the way. According to Dr. Phil, self-proclaimed master of the human experience, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. This theory holds true in psychology and marketing all the same.
Understanding the most common social media mistakes can help you make the most of this global modern marketing channel. Here’s our take on the top three biggest mistakes made on the top three biggest social media platforms – and how to fix them.

Big Twitter Mistake: Not Using Images

Market research reveals a surprising statistic about Twitter – and failing to take notice could cost you big. How big? BIG!
Tweets with images receive 200 percent more engagement than tweets without images. Why? Because images are more enticing that straight text (for one) but more importantly – images take up more space in the Twitter feed. More space gets you noticed.
Doubling your Twitter engagement with a simple image is nothing to take lightly. As a business looking to attract a loyal following, you can’t afford missing the mark on this powerful Twitter trend. Tweeting without images is the new lazy marketer’s approach to social media.
Now, you’re in the know – so include a quality image whenever possible to draw maximum attention to your message. And when your retweets, favorites and engagement doubles, send Linx a “Thank You” tweet! (@linxcomm)

Big Facebook Mistake: Not Interacting with Followers

This big social media mistake should be a no-brainer – but you’ll be surprised how many businesses drop the ball on the simple, fundamental concept of interacting with fans on Facebook. There’s more to Facebook than posting a meme and fishing for likes. The vast majority of Facebook success boils down to fan interaction.
Interaction on Facebook builds camaraderie and trust. With the goal of future sales and word of mouth marketing in mind, camaraderie and trust go a long way in the social media world. Respond to posts, thank fans for leaving comments and address complaints – anything to build a genuine connection – and Facebook fans will be more likely to not only purchase from you but also tell their friends. Facebook interaction is social media success at its finest.
Play your cards right and you’ll attract positive attention on Facebook – but what about the negative attention? There’s a formula for that, too.
Even your most valiant efforts will attract negative attention on Facebook – it’s just the nature of the beast. But there’s a simple way put a positive spin on negative attention. It’s a strategy known as crisis management.
Instinctually, the logical solution to negative social media attention is to delete the comment and hope it never comes back. But there’s a lot more you can do to make the most of negative attention. When a Facebook fan says you’re doing something wrong, ask them what you can do to fix it – and then follow through. There’s no quicker way to earn trust, recognition and a more loyal social media following.

Big Google Plus Mistake: Not Using the Platform at All

Rumor has it Google Plus is a ghost town. And if you have ever marketed on Google’s social media network, you might be able to confirm it.
It’s no secret Google Plus is the most underutilized social media platform today. So, what’s the benefit in using it? Simple – Google Plus is the most underutilized social media platform today.
Far less competitive than Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, Google Plus makes it easier for brands to stand out. Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? Sometimes, it pays to take the road less traveled.
Early Twitter adopters won huge audiences, just as you can win audiences on Google Plus. While everyone else turns a blind eye, embrace Google Plus to correct this big social media marketing mistake.
And remember, Google Plus is directly integrated with Google – the largest Internet search engine in the world. If that doesn’t scream “IMPORTANT” –nothing else will.

Biggest Social Media Mistake: Not Having a Strategy

Alas, millions of brands are making the biggest social media mistake: not having a strategy. In fact, more than 80 percent of businesses admit their social media strategy is far from mature. And with so many businesses making big social media mistakes, now is the time to rise to the top. Embrace the weakness in the market – correct your social media mistakes.


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