Here's What Different Mobile Ad Formats Do to Your Brain

At Linx, we feel that a targeted approach is the best way to reach your goal demographic, not only efficiently, but effectively. Is it possible your ad is driving your customers away, or are you just overwhelming their brain? Take a look at how mobile consumers responded to different industry verticals in different formats in the areas of eye control, heart rate, electrodermal activity and attitudinal response. The findings might surprise you.

Why do some mobile ad formats scream out “engagement” and others just annoy the heck out of people? Maybe it’s the message, but more likely it’s the response they trigger in your brain. If you’re going to optimize your next mobile campaign, it can help to get into the science of consumer response and how conscious and subconscious actions affect mobile ad engagement.
To travel into the synapses of mobile users, Kargo, in partnership with MediaScience, used the latest biometric technologies to determine what drives consumers to pay attention to ads on their phones. Here’s what they found:
Source: AdWeek September 28, 2016

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