Content Marketing Turns Great Content into Google Rankings

Google – what began as an internet search engine is now a term we use on a regular basis. What’s the weather forecast for the weekend? Google it! Looking for a restaurant in the heart of downtown? Google it! Did you hear about the dog that dances on two legs? Google it!
And of course, the largest search engine on the planet now holds a permanent position in the modern internet marketing agenda. Everyone wants prime real estate in the Google SERPs – and great content can get your foot in the door.
Adwords, PPC and SEM – these buzzwords represent Google’s paid, non-organic features and functions. Unfortunately, a staggering 85% of consumers ignore paid ads on the search engine giant. Today, the old-time prince known as paid search has relinquished the throne to the new king of our modern search engine land: content marketing.
Content marketing turns great content into first page Google rankings. There is a synergy to content marketing that, when done correctly, creates a powerful solution. Here’s how great content finds its way into those valuable Google SERPs.

Content, Social Media, Google Rankings (Rinse, Repeat)

What is great content? It’s simply content consumers find sufficiently interesting, different or insightful (that was easy). What about the value of great content? In terms of social media and Google rankings, great content is the vehicle that drives traffic, engagement, trust, conversions – you name it.
Strike a chord with readers through a great piece of content and they’ll spread the word about across social networks from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to Pinterest, Reddit and everything in between. Viral social content is an unprecedented leader in the modern marketing mix – but it’s only the beginning.
Every like, tweet, comment and “plus 1” builds SEO-friendly back links to your website, boosting your page ranking in Google and other search engines. Increased rankings bring new readers, who in turn bring more likes, tweets, comments and plus 1s. The result is an opportunity for growth – all driven from one unique, well-researched and passionately written piece of content. The modern social and search landscape simply promotes endless possibilities for successful content marketing.

The Key to Content Marketing Success

The key to successful content marketing is creating and publishing highly engaging, relevant and fresh content. Great content is educational, humorous, controversial – anything to grab and hold on to people’s attention. Plug this formula into your content marketing strategy and expect huge gains in search engine traffic, social media exposure and loyal readership.
The moral of the story? Google Adwords, PPC and SEM are the new lazy marketers approach to success. Content marketing might require more work, more talent, more resources and more skill – but it’s the latest and greatest way to build a spectacular online profile. It’s time to make the shift!


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