AmeriCold's Heartfelt Video

Linx just completed a heartfelt video for AmeriCold, promoting their work at God’s Love We Deliver.

AmeriCold Inc. shows its softer side by highlighting its support of New York City’s most renowned Food Charities. AmeriCold’s work for “God’s Love We Deliver” helps deliver over 6,000 meals a day. God’s Love We Deliver is a non-profit organization based in the New York City metropolitan area which provides nutritious and individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.
Since the reconstruction of the Michael Kors building in 2015, AmeriCold has helped God’s Love maintain all their refrigeration needs. Watch the video to learn more about AmeriCold’s role in the construction of the new facility and the huge impact God’s Love is making on our city. Make a donation as well!

To donate to God’s Love We Deliver, click here.

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