8 Ways Linx Accelerates Brands with Content Marketing

8 Ways Linx Accelerates Brands with Content Marketing

As a strategic marketing organization, Linx delivers powerful content marketing solutions to accelerate brands from start-ups to global leaders. Our content marketing team encompasses everything brands need to make an impact in the modern and ever-evolving online marketing world. Here’s 8 ways Linx accelerates brands with a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

1. We always cater to your audience.

Content marketing is not a one-size-fits-all business. Content marketing approaches and demographics vary, and rarely can you use the same approach to reach different demographics. Content that pulls the Millennials in, for example, may push Baby Boomers away. Tone and style are thus critical components of content marketing success.
At Linx, our content marketing team has the skills and experience to cater to any market you wish to reach. Even if your brand appeals to a diverse audience, we can help you create and market content that best resonates with those demographics. Paying close attention to tone and style, Linx builds a strong foundation for your brand to excel in content marketing.

2. We proofread…and then proofread again.

Linx gets as many eyes as possible on the content before hitting the publish button. Our content marketing team, through years of expertise as copywriters and copyeditors, produces and publishes the error-free content that earns trust, promotes loyalty and reinforces credibility.
As a global leader, your reputation is on the line. And as a startup, nothing is more important than a strong first impression. Mistakes happen – but Linx catches them before anyone else does.

3. We cover topics that perform.

It takes a skilled writer to make the most of a content marketing strategy. Linx delivers more than a college intern majoring in writing. Writing for businesses is something we do on a regular basis – and we understand the keys to success.
Based on strategic market research, our content marketing team covers only the topics that perform. As a strategic marketing organization, we always begin with a strong understanding of your audience. We never write a piece of content without first walking a mile in your potential customer’s shoes.

4. We embrace white space.

Content marketing teams learn a lot along the way – and Linx is always armed with the latest and greatest strategy. Recently, we learned that great content marketing must succeed across all devices – from smartphones to tablets. And to do that, white space is mandatory.
People need white space to breathe, so we always cut big blocks of texts down to short, digestible chunks. And white space is not only easier on the eyes. It increases engagement and reaches a more diverse audience spanned across multiple digital platforms. It’s just one of the many ways we strategically position your brand for maximum gains.

5. We season text with images.

Attention spans are short in the digital world. That’s why infographics, videos and images are quickly climbing the content marketing ladder. Linx helps you draw in and engage readers with a good mix of all the content marketing elements. From text to video, we cover all grounds to reach your target audience from every angle.

6. We establish consistency.

You have a unique brand, message and style – and Linx ensures your content aligns with it. Successful content marketing showcases a consistency, a single voice written by the same entity (your brand). Consistency goes a long way in creating a digital brand, whether your brand has been around the block or is just starting out. You can count on Linx to keep all your promotional material on the same page.

7. We provide the right amount of content.

Linx utilizes strategic tools to determine the right amount of content for your brand. Your brand may benefit most from a once-monthly email newsletter or a Facebook status update posted three times a week. Whatever method works best for your brand, our market research will determine. Linx always eliminates the guessing game with tried and true strategic research.

8. We have something to say.

Having something to say should be first on our list – but we decided to save the best for last. Our content marketing team produces content that strikes a balance between entertaining and informative. Your brand deserves more than fluff for content and Linx ensures you always have something interesting and valuable to say.
Linx is a strategic marketing organization that can accelerate your brand in ways you never thought possible. And with the Linxubator marketing incubator for smart startups, we provide everything start-ups need to get off the ground.
And don’t forget to ask about the Linx Strategic Content Marketing Scorecard – the only tool you need to assess how content marketing supports your overarching marketing and business strategy.

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