4 Steps to Launching a Successful Strategic Marketing Campaign

Saturated with ever-evolving styles, strategies, approaches and techniques, the modern marketing and advertising landscape leaves many marketers scratching their heads wondering how to best launch a strategic marketing campaign. Viral marketing is the perfect example of the changing landscape haunting marketers on a regular basis, forcing them to adapt or die.
The rules are changing – and that’s a scary thing. However, a handful of tried and true concepts ensure the most effective marketing and advertising: knowing your audience, triggering an emotional response, paying attention context and using a call-to-action. It’s time we explored these fundamental concepts to unlock the key to effective advertising and marketing in the modern world.

1. Know Your Audience

“Knowing your audience” topped the marketing strategy playbook from the very beginning. Today, it remains an undisputed king in the marketing and advertising arena. Successful marketers understand not only who their customers are but also what they care about. Smart marketers also go the extra mile to uncover the deep interests of their target market. How can you make the most of this tried and true marketing strategy? Hit the books and find out everything you can about your target audience.

2. Trigger an Emotional Response

You really have just two options as a marketer: coldly present product information and hope for a response, or strike an emotional cord and expect one. Audiences want more than just information about your product – they want to connect emotionally with your brand. Smart marketers associate their brands with positive emotions and connect with consumers on a subconscious level. Triggering an emotional response will help you dominate the competition day in and day out. Connect emotionally or wait for a response that may never arrive. It’s that simple.

3. Pay Attention to Context

If knowing your audience is step one, and getting them to feel something is step two, then the logical progression (step three) is paying attention to the context of the message. The wrong context can destroy a marketing pitch – but the right context can stick with consumers all the way to the bank. Are you pitching silly ads on a network focused on dramatic content? If so, then your pitch is destined to fall on deaf ears. You need to start thinking of context as a spoke on a wheel that when missing, compromises the function of the entire vehicle. Learn to build a vehicle that not only functions but flourishes. Pay attention to context.

4. Use a Call-to-Action

Ultimately, steps one, two and three mean nothing without step four: the call-to-action. You can tell your viewers anything you want, but without telling them what to do, your marketing pitch is incomplete at best. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of a marketing pitch is getting someone to make a purchase. Still, many marketers lose sight of this fundamental principle. It’s up to you to decide what you want your audience to do. Whatever that is, make sure you tell them to do it!


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