4 Predictions for the Future of Digital Marketing

No industry evolves faster than digital marketing. Keeping pace with the ever-changing state of the digital marketing industry requires insight, innovation and implementation.
Focusing on the future is now a priority for digital marketers looking to thrive in an online world that changes from one moment to the next.
So, what can we expect from the future of digital marketing?
Here are four of the most significant shifts to anticipate in the new digital marketing climate.

1. The Rise of the Performance Model

It’s no secret that the digital marketers of the future will focus on growing channels like mobile and video. What might be news to you is the future digital marketer’s increasing ability to more accurately measure performance-based metrics within those channels.
Applying performance models to mobile and video, the enterprises of tomorrow will combine machine learning, real-time predictive analytics and human insight to develop and deliver highly-targeted digital marketing solutions.
Ultimately, performance-based measurement will answer more digital marketing questions in the future than ever before.

2. Omni-Channel Engagement Reigns Supreme

Omni-channel engagement is likely to triumph in the future of digital marketing. Expect to see seamless integration between online and in-store environments plus innovative technologies to bring in-store experiences online. Future digital marketers will also hone in on major cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within various channels.
A great brand experience will remain critical to digital marketing success. Anticipate tomorrow’s digital marketers to stick to the primary goal of delivering the same great in-store experience to the online shopping world.
Today, omnichannel engagement is best known among retailers like Apple, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Target. These companies seek to provide a seamless buying experience between online and in-store shopping. As the number of shoppers making purchases online increases, these retailers continue to bring in more customers via mobile optimization.
Companies like Apple, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Target deliver the consistent, smooth and unified experience customers expect in all their interactions from buying and purchase to customer service and technical support. The agencies of the future will aim to deliver the same experience.

3. Trust and the Social Web

The power of trust has a permanent position in the future of digital marketing, particularly the trust generated through micro-review websites.
The digital marketers of tomorrow will extract important information from the social web about consumers – especially their interests and personal recommendations. Marketers will then use this information to help consumers discover products in real-time.

4. Content and Control

The idea of content as a marketing tool is already growing exponentially among publishers and digital marketers alike. In the future, the use of content as a targeted marketing opportunity will expand even further – eventually into advertising networks.
On the publisher side of the equation, more decisions will go into the types of ads and related content agencies publish throughout the web to match both editorial perspectives and audience preferences.
From the reader standpoint, expect more control over the content and ads that appear after reading a news article or blog post.
The concept of control will also expand to large media companies looking to leverage content recommendation functionality to capitalize on advertising opportunities.
In a world where consumers are always asking, “What content should I read next?” the digital marketers of the future will answer this question to earn big bucks.


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