Month: May 2018

New Television Audience Data Can Help Marketers Fine-Tune Targeted Ads

Recent research has identified market trends regarding target audiences and the television shows they watch. This information can be leveraged by marketers to help determine where they should place digital campaign ads, while providing the opportunity for marketers to now target and engage with audiences they had not previously targeted. Marketers can now evaluate data […]


Think Ahead™ 50 Years

Inspiration Appears in the Most Unusual Places Have you ever been struck with a genius thought while in the shower? Maybe for you, it’s while you’re taking a leisurely walk, or playing with your kids or grandkids. Perhaps you came up with your newest product or service while doing something that had nothing to do […]


The Future of Video Advertising

The future of video advertising is upon us, with the emergence of a shorter, more concise video format. The Six Second Video is Upon Us. Back in January at a six-second hackathon at Sundance hosted by Google, the new format of utilizing the six-second video in advertising has picked up. Both Fox and Facebook have […]