Month: April 2018

What happens when you pull your brand out of branded content?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PULL YOUR BRAND OUT OF BRANDED CONTENT? SEPTEMBER 11, 2017ADVERTISING, BUSINESS, MARKETING, MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA, STRATEGY, UNCATEGORIZEDNO COMMENTS If you pulled your brand out of your branded content what quality of content are you left with? A strong narrative with a solid story to tell, or a weak sales pitch that […]


Linx helps CMF launch new program; Heroes with Heart

Being hospitalized can be scary for anyone, but for a young child it can be traumatizing. That’s why the Children’s Medical Fund works tirelessly every day to bring a smile to the faces of these young patients and their families. Here at linx communications we are excited to launch a new program with our longtime […]


Linx revamps newest client Creme Allure’s branding

Linx’s newest client, Crème Allure, a Gourmet Ice Cream and Ice Cream Gifts retailer, came to us in need of new marketing strategy that would help them accomplish their goals of growing their online business. When they came to us, their website and outreach materials did not accurately represent their brand and unique product offerings. […]