Month: January 2016

How Typecasting Millennials Is Hurting Ad Buyers

Does the future use segmentation by marketers? Maybe not! As it becomes increasingly easier for marketers to use programmatic buying and content customization for each user, the old days of “one to many” is definitely dying, but will it be it be dead? Linx is now leveraging retargeting solutions and Marketo to automate content for […]


These Brands Broke the Internet in 2015

Your brand may not be as big as the NFL or MTV, but that does not mean that you can’t measure the value of the social engagements you build. Linx helps our clients measure segmented engagement on a multitude of levels with our use of Marketo, in fact, we can attribute the value of each […]


Why Tactical is the New Strategic

We love this… while the play on words in the headline is catchy, the article proves our whole existence. “Strategy First”!!! That includes the strategy to start small, look fast and deep at the customer and to live your buyer’s journey to identify opportunities for disruption and innovation.