Sneak Peak of the New Linx Brand

Linx is rebranding our company to better reflect a new age of innovative solutions we bring to the marketplace… “Think Ahead!”

Linx is changing the way you see your world!

As trusted strategic advisors for innovative brands, our team provides fresh unbiased perspectives that allow your organization to identify new possibilities that accelerate your growth.

We are experts and visionaries that combine data and creativity to craft the stories that build emotional connections with your customers. We help you leverage the newest technologies to create memorable experiences throughout their journey with your brand.

The future of your brand already exists… let us help you see it clearly.

Strategic Advisory
Our namesake say’s it all… We link strategy across your organization to ensure your business, marketing, and sales strategy is in perfect alignment, achieving both long term and short term goals.

Predictive Marketing
The convergence of marketing, technology, and operations is now the reality. We leverage any and all data sets to provide you with limitless answers to your most challenging questions about your customers and your business.

Creative Laboratory
When data talks, it reveals insightful stories about your markets and customers. Linx creates the emotional connections that drive engagement, enhance the experience and build brand value.