Wild Planet


Wild Planet approached Linx after several years of informal marketing support and consultation to develop a highly visible web platform for its brands.


As Wild Planet migrated from the specialty natural marketplace to mainstream, the company became the fourth largest tuna brand worldwide and a high profile provider of multiple canned and frozen seafood products. Linx developed the comprehensive strategy to broaden this profile without jeopardizing its core natural marketplace or values that put Wild Planet on the map.


Linx developed a dynamic website with a balanced focus on four characteristics that define the brand and its customers – sustainability, flavor, quality and health. The Wild Planet website is now a valuable online resource complete with vital information and a destination for information about sustainability. Linx also integrated a social component to the site that allows recipe contributions by customers. To increase sales, a robust store locator was integrated to help customers find specific Wild Planet products on a store-by-store basis featuring nutritional information and more.


Today, Wild Planet site traffic is up and more contributions by consumers to the site has solidified its position as the leading sustainable seafood company in the world.