VJ Group


An incredibly astute engineering company focusing on nondestructive X-ray testing, VJ Technologies approached Linx with very little experience in developing new business other than referral or over-the-transom work.


Linx set out to segment VJ Technologies’ products and services as well as link them to vertical markets. For each market, Linx defined specific solutions for a wide range of industries including oil and gas, food inspection, aerospace, automotive, electronics and more. Linx helped clarify the core value propositions that VJ delivers from its core systems, components, products and services, and is in the process of developing lead acquisition programs based on this information for the four company divisions.


VJ Technologies’ core marketing platform is anchored by a new interactive web platform that defines the 30-year-old company in a new progressive light. All of the lead generation will be tied into this website both digitally, and also through traditional drive-to-web tactical. Linx created a trade show strategy for VJ Group’s booth at the WCNDT 2016 show in Germany, complete with a booth layout and design, marketing collateral, 3D visual displays, as well as a full online program with email communications and landing pages with forms to capture customer data.


Inquiries from web traffic have increased threefold since the redevelopment of the platform.  The lead generation programs are in the planning stages and are scheduled to hit the market in the third quarter of this year.