The Alternative Board


One of the big-three business peer consulting groups (along with the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Vistage), The Alternative Board (TAB) approached Linx for a new way to communicate its benefits to new business owner prospects among Millennials and Generation Yers.


To achieve this, Linx had to act as a change-agent among the franchise owners who were accustomed to a certain staid way of communicating core values.  Linx identified a need to revamp TABs messaging, positioning, visual presentation and web platform to make the organization a vital tool that this new breed of business owner could leverage into more sales and profits.


The Linx strategic team developed initial ideas for repositioning the organization and used our Messaging Hierarchy™ process to organize disparate information into a logical sequence for presentation.  This information was then developed in creative content used in all aspects of the communications program including a new international website for franchises and their board members to use locally with flexibility and function.   As an international organization this visual and communications platform had to bridge the many cultural issues inherent while maintaining the power of the message.


While we expect significant improvements in marketing value, online usage, member satisfaction and brand image, Linx is still in the process of determining the results of this campaign.