YPO-WPO is the largest CEO network in the world with over 21,000 members in 127 countries. Michael Smith, CEO of Linx, has been a member since 1993. In early 2010, Michael and a few other YPOers founded the Social Enterprise Network (SEN). This program introduced the new idea of doing good while doing well and a triple bottom line for companies within the group.


Linx developed the strategy to position the Social Enterprise Network as an invaluable enhancement of the YPO-WPO experience helping members, spouses and partners explore their social consciousness through education, idea exchange and networking. We segmented SEN into clearly focused groups: Helping Disadvantaged Kids Network, Thriving Communities Network, Global Diplomacy and Public Policy Network, Peace Action Network and Sustainable Business Network. All groups share a common desire to shape and improve our world under the SEN.


Linx created a series of profound messages to attract the attention and emotions of YPO members. Each message focused on a specific engagement point that supported the program delivery from a group and the core positioning of the brand – Learn. Lead. Build a Better World.SEN is where social awakening turns into learning, learning turns into leadership, and leadership turns into building a better world. Social engagement within YPO-WPO enables members to bring their time, talent and treasures together to create amazing and impactful results, and:

LEARN, engage and connect with like-minded people.

Take a LEAD role and get others involved by sharing a passion to do great things.

Start a group. Join a network. Become a SEN Ambassador.

BUILD a better world by actively working with world-class organizations and leaders.


Since the creative campaign introduction, the Social Enterprise Network has tripled its membership!