Schacker Realty


Already a regional leader in commercial property, successfully selling properties face–to-face, Schacker Realty came to Linx to automate the process by creating a robust data driven interactive website that stimulated on-line inquiries and relationships.


Linx recognized it was critical to not only give Schacker the right look and feel as befits a leader, but their extensive database of properties and exclusives, needed to become accessible to the overall marketplace and return links/results for site and general web searching.


Linx built a dynamic website for Schacker that featured a search engine rivaling anything available in the market including those created by major real estate property aggregators like Zillow or  As part of the service set offered by Schacker, Linx created an online resource directory of commercial/industrial property service providers.  Not only was this site built with a user-friendly backend as easy to use as the frontend, but as with all sites built by Linx, it was built responsive and as such supports mobile users seamlessly.  There are multitudes of other aspects of the site that truly make it best-of-breed, reflecting the Schacker organization.


The site launches in July 2014… but preliminary feedback shows visitors approve of the display of information to both brokers and prospects as detailed, organized and presenting a clear value of the property. As the site launches, the next phase is to deliver prospects for listings to the site and to ensure that the marketplace uses this comprehensive tool first, before any other.