Restaurant Equipment.Bid


TagEx, a restaurant equipment liquidator and wholesaler needed to differentiate itself from its competitors and reach a wider pool of prospective customers to sell to.


After conducting market research, Linx was able to identify an opportunity that not only differentiated TagEx by providing an engaging/interactive experience, but also increased the value of each sale.


Linx took the traditionally brick and mortar offering of wholesale restaurant equipment to the web through the creation of an ecommerce web platform. However, to truly make it an interactive experience, the platform was layered with custom auction functionality, essentially delivering a wholesale equipment eBay to market. To align with shoppers and efficiently convey the brand’s purpose, Linx created a new brand identity for TagEx’s online presence/service RestaurantEquipment.Bid. In an effort to streamline onboarding for the client, the Linx team established the infrastructure and processes needed to maintain and manage the auction platform, with a step-by-step guide with clear accompanying screenshots.


A new online brand identity and a custom, well-functioning auction-based e-commerce platform that is able to be managed completely by TagEx/REB and generates nearly half a million dollars in annual sales, with revenue growing month-over-month