HUBB Filters


HUBB Filters developed an innovative oil filtration product that is poised to transform the consumer automotive industry. The company was looking for a partner to bring the product to market.


When Linx came on board, HUBB had a revolutionary product, but no marketing juices – Linx had their work cut out for them. After conducting thorough market research and analyzing consumers’ behavior regarding purchasing car products and vehicle maintenance, Linx identified the need to develop a clear brand positioning and a presence both digitally and in auto stores to maximize discoverability.


Leveraging all insight gleaned from market and competitive research, Linx developed and executed a multi-faceted go-to-market product launch. After translating technical product features into clear user-oriented value propositions and messaging, Linx delivered a new, modern web platform that conveyed the sleekness of the product and made it easy for consumers to find the model that fits their vehicle through an intuitive “Filter Finder” search functionality. To help reflect and carry the brand’s value to the market offline, Linx designed collateral materials to be used in securing more distributors and expanding location reach. Finally, to reach end users in a setting where they are most likely to make the purchase, Linx designed Point of Sale displays that convey the value and encourage car owners to purchase the product, while aiding auto store employees in educating customers about the HUBB Filter. In addition, the POS was made complete with “take-one sheets” and branding posters. Along with the HUBB Filter, the company created a custom Filter Cleaning System that includes a cleaning machine and a cleaning detergent. Linx assisted HUBB in the branding of these products and designed packaging for the cleaning products. Linx created a savings calculator so HUBB can show their clients and resellers the value of the product and expected savings and profits over 3 years’ time.


The effort has been a huge success, generating buzz and enthusiastic buy-in from retailers. Consumers saw immediate value, and orders and inquiries have been non-stop, even before stores received product stock.