Harley Davidson Military Sales


In conjunction with defining their brand, HDMS was in need of an online strategy that not only attracted new prospects, but retained their existing customers and increased brand exposure and engagement. Being an e-commerce online apparel store, and one of the biggest driver of sales for HDMS, social media was a key channel that needed to be utilized to reach consumers. While HDMS had an established following on their social channels, a strategy was necessary to successfully get the right message out to the right target audience.


Linx set out to create a full social strategy for HDMS, beginning with one of our key tools, a Social Segmentation Matrix™. Our Segmentation Matrix™ helps clients to better understand how to serve their target markets and sub-markets. In this case, focusing on the social channels, we broke down the value propositions, core messaging, and brand voice for each customer persona and each social channel. This provides for an effective way to reach the right audience with the right message through social media.


Leveraging the Social Segmentation Matrix™, HDMS utilized their in-house capabilities to regularly generate and post content to their social channels, including relevant information, promotions and sales, stories, new products, and more. Linx also created an ongoing social referral program, housed in a landing page tab on the HDMS Facebook page, where customers can receive a discount for referring a friend and HDMS is able to collect customer info and build their database.


HDMS saw a 32% increase in visitors to product pages and an overall ongoing lift in sales.