Halcyon Jets


Halcyon Jets turned to Linx for help penetrating an extremely competitive market catering to the top 1% of the world – the wealthiest individuals.


Recognizing that the decision to choose Halcyon Jets over the competition would come down to attitude and feel as much as the characteristics of its jets, its services and relationships (which in many cases is a given), Linx developed several programs designed to separate the company.  First, we leveraged its high rating with Wyvern in terms of safety, which in turn brought up the question as to why the competition thought this so much of a given it did not require addressing.  Second, we fostered relationships with other luxury goods and services organizations both on the product side, and also with entities such as concierge medical services that would use private aviation to shuttle family members in the event of catastrophe.  Third, we helped the company establish itself in the professional sports marketplace, which in turn migrated to other entertainment outlets such as movies and music.  On top of this Linx developed a very entertaining testimonial campaign featuring company clients Shaquille O’Neill, Reggie Bush, Spike Lee and others.


The competition did the job for us, by presenting themselves as aviation companies, while we presented Halcyon as a solutions and lifestyle company… technical mumbo-jumbo aside, Halcyon Jets was positioned as fulfillers of dreams.


Halcyon Jets grew 20-fold in the year that Linx worked on the brand and was sold while we worked on the business to a larger competitor.