Fodera Foods


A long-time client that has benefited greatly from the value Linx has brought into the relationship, Fodera Foods management approached Linx with one of its most important business decisions made over the last 30 years-to repackage its line of flour products.


Created almost a decade and a half ago, Linx worked with Fodera to develop its own line of products in addition to distributing for major mills and other bakery suppliers such as Pillsbury and Cargill.  Working with Fodera, Linx segmented the Fodera brand into a broad set of specialty products reflecting changing tastes and trends, including natural, organic and artisan products sold to the trade, internationally through export, and direct to consumer through retail outlets.


Linx is repackaging the flour lines, helping identify and add new products to the line, using our experience in the natural and fancy food markets to look at new products and relationships and grow ethnic lines of specialty products to increase the company’s market share and penetration.


The company’s first consumer product Red Barn was introduced at the Shanghai Food Show to rave reviews.  People were lining up around the corner to try the bagels and other fine baked goods make from this new flour product.  This is the beginning of a new phase for the proud company that has been in business since the 1950’s. Today, these products repackaged under the “Star” brands are company best sellers affording more margin and value.