Trophikos contacted Linx after several conversations regarding Linx’s expertise in backend customization of the open source platform, Magento, to help automate an ARB platform to stimulate on-line orders.


Linx helped create a game plan and implemented a unique and dynamic system to meet all of Trophikos’ needs from accounting, to inventory, to multiplatform selling options.


Linx developed a dynamic backend system with a balanced focus on characteristics that define the brand’s ordering process through their unique ARB for both frontend & backend functionality, amazon integration & ease of use for customer service representatives and customers. The myellura.com website is now a valuable online resource complete with vital information and robust ARB ordering. Linx also helped customize and integrate an API to create orders through Amazon’s individual price points to best fit Trophikos’ multichannel ecommerce operations while using Magento as a hub for reporting and gathering orders.


Today, myellura.com site traffic is up and more contributions by consumers to the site has solidified its position as the hub for orders on their unique platform ecommerce site.