CrushBank was preparing to launch a first of its kind tech product for IT helpdesks leveraging IBM’s Watson technology and needed agency expertise to bring it to market.


As a brand new product, Linx identified the need to clearly communicate the value CrushBank delivers to users and the benefits of leveraging IBM Watson’s advanced cognition capabilities.


Linx engineered a modern, parallax style website that clearly defined the target market and highlighted the value propositions of the cutting-edge product to each type of user. Through the incorporation of interactive design features, Linx was able to properly portray the advanced technology leveraged by the system, mimicking the cognitive capabilities of IBM’s Watson. In order to provide a seamless understanding of the technology for the targeted users, Linx produced videos that guided viewers through the ins and outs of the system and showed applied value of the technology and product.


While the website is in its final phases of production, CrushBank has delivered outstanding feedback and excitement for launch.