Artisan Stoneworks


Artisan Stoneworks is a high-end stone contracting company catering to high level commercial environments, as well as residences of high net worth individuals. The company was being awarded almost all of their jobs through word of mouth from industry professionals and customers when they approached Linx for the development of a website.


With no online presence, Linx knew Artisan was not only in need of a website, but a full marketing strategy from which an online web platform and complete marketing plan could be derived. In order to do so, Linx proposed a combination of key strategic tools, a website program, as well as a collection of go-to market strategies and programs that would drive customers to the new website and ultimately grow Artisan’s business.


We utilized our Segmentation Matrix, Messaging Heirarchy, and Branded Services strategic tools to define Artisan’s target markets and how to serve them, core messaging, and value propositions, using these as the fundamental elements to create strategic planning around the markets and a hierarchy of how to develop programs within them. Next, Linx developed a website along with a selection of drive-to-web vehicles such as social media, e-mail programs, marketing videos, and content marketing for prospecting.


The Artisan Stoneworks rebrand has been well received and the organization is underway to increase margins to reflect is high-luxury feel and market.