Advanced Lamp Coatings


Advanced Lamp Coatings, a leading manufacturer of shatterproof bulbs, was looking to expand its sales reach and reinvigorate it’s brand online.


Linx was retained to conduct market research to uncover what ALC’s competition was doing in order to identify a clear strategy to differentiate ALC to the marketplace. We uncovered an opportunity to align ALC’s services with the way consumers discover and shop for products, and leveraged this insight to create a discoverable platform that caters to the shoppers’ buying process.


Linx delivered the first-ever e-commerce presence for ALC, completely revamping the look and feel, introducing a “Shop by Shape” feature and integrating its impressive inventory and supporting new process creation for efficient fulfillment of orders. Linx verticalized the site to present more targeted messaging to specific target industries in the B2B sector. To further drive organic growth, Linx implemented an SEO program aligned with the specific keywords that shoppers were searching for to discover shatterproof bulb products. Ramping up new shoppers was expedited through a highly targeted PPC campaign, with lost customers recaptured with an Abandoned Cart email drip.


Advanced Lamp Coatings has seen a 33% increase in overall sales volume, with new wholesale and distributor clients as a result of the professional trust ALC’s new online image conveyed. PPC has driven ROI as high as 5x on Google Shopping, and there is consistent ongoing organic growth as a result of SEO efforts. In addition, ALC has seen a 35% increase in phone order on top of internal online sales.