Who’s That That’s Clicking On My Site? Find Out What Critical Information Is Hiding in Your Website Data.

It’s time for you to discover Linx’s new LeadDiscovery™… Our newest technology that turns your anonymous web visitors into known leads!

LeadDiscovery™ is the US’s #1 leading website visitor tracking tool that identifies the anonymous businesses visiting your website so you can turn them into sales ready leads.

LeadDiscovery™ will identify the visitors coming to your website and tell you the:

  • Business Name
  • Location
  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • Financial Information Overview
Pitch Smarter. Convert Faster

LeadDiscovery™ comes with all the tools you need to convert your website visitors to hot prospects.

Receive email reports of companies visiting your website that match your own criteria and use desktop notications to instantly alert you to any hot new prospects the moment they have visited your website. Even prioritize your hottest leads with quick color referencing.


Real Data. Real Insight

Access a wide range of data to understand which campaigns and content are having the most impact. Utilize smart campaign monitoring tools to track your activity, and measure the wider ripple eect of your marketing initiatives. Make sense of your metrics and generate reports that have meaning to management.

Combine the Power of LeadDiscovery™ with your CRM

LeadDiscovery™ works silently in the background to deliver your anonymous website visitors straight into your CRM software. Instantly add leads including full contact data and visitor insight into your CRM software to analyze and assign to your sales reps leads lists to convert.

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